The Factory Studios

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The Factory Studios offers some of the most affordable artists’ studios in the South West. It is set over 8000 square foot and is split up into 6 studios that are all dedicate spaces for the creative industries. We are passionate about creativity and strive to provide a much needed space for creation, inspiration and collaboration right here in Bournemouth.

We take pride in the unique environment we provide here and have facilities to cater for all types of creative people and business. Along side this we hold many unique events and have a Popup Gallery on site. All residents benefit from 24/7 access 365 days a year



Giorgio Sadotti – 52-88-14 SING TO REMEMBER

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GIORGIO SADOTTI 52-86-14 SING TO REMEMBER SIX project space, Bournemouth 03.04.14- Private view + artist talk 04.04.14-27.04.14 Friday-Sunday 12-5pm (open Saturday only for Easter weekend)

“well I think the best option is to infact hide nothing hide nothing hide nothing. In fact lets make a pile in the middle of the gallery space and show off everything …………. so all the audio equipment and speakers will be gathered together in the centre of the room and we will have to walk around them, rather than the sound surrounding us we will surround it?!”

Richard Goldstein’s paperback book ‘The Poetry of Rock’ first published in 1969 acts as an archive, a source of information or inspirational catalyst for this exhibition.It is as it’s title suggests a printed chronological compilation of rock music lyrics; from ‘Rock ‘n’ Roll Music’ by Chuck Berry 1957, ‘Baby Love’ 1965 written for The Supremes by Holland Dozier & Holland and several other rock ‘poems’, through to the appropriately titled ‘The End’ by The Doors from 1967. A sound compilation or musical collage in temporal order of a selection of the featured songs has been produced with the sung lyric’s that exist in printed form in the book (the ‘poems’ in question) removed, so rendering the once textual music in a non-textual and non-contextual manner. So wordless instrumental versions of the originals have been created, strung together with the gaps of silence created by the taking out of the voice closed, in order to make a continuous chain reaction wall of sound. An unbroken nostalgic rock musical time line where sixteen years pass in minutes. Language free, the music can live again, without the burden of meaning. Song sheets that feature the independent poetic lyrics are also present, as a way to reintroduce the aurally absent but refashioned words to their respective sound partners.

Become an Arts Ambassador for Arts Bournemouth

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If you enjoy being part of a team and helping to creating a successful event then why not become an Arts Ambassador. Do you engage well with the public or prefer to help with administration duties, then we would love you to come onboard. We will need volunteer ambassadors in the run up to the Festival and to help the running of the event from 26th September -12th October.

Add your event to our site

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From a painting exhibition to a choir group performance, if you have an art event coming up why not add your event to our ‘Whats on’ page by clicking on the ‘add your event’ tab. Arts Bournemouth runs all year round acting as a hub of information for art groups and events across Dorset.

Arts Bournemouth exists to support and develop the arts in Bournemouth.

Bournemouth Arts by the Sea Festival 2014

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The Bournemouth Arts by the Sea Festival returns for its fourth year of live music,  performance, sound and visual installations and films. Along the theme of ‘On The Edge’ you will find amazing headline acts and engaging art pieces all across Bournemouth in exciting venues.

Something for everyone, this years festival running from the 26th September -12th October, is bigger and better than before.

The team at Arts Bournemouth are busy programming and line up will soon be announced.

DIY 11:2014 Call for proposals

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Participant in Kira O’Reilly’s Combating the Body

DIY is an opportunity for artists working in Live Art to conceive and run unusual training and professional development projects for other artists.

We want to hear from you if have an idea for an exciting, innovative and idiosyncratic Live Art professional development project that offers something new and is geared to the eclectic and often unusual needs of artists whose practices are grounded in challenging and unconventional approaches, forms and concepts.

We are planning to support 23 DIY projects that will take place across the UK between July and November 2014. Each project will receive £1,000 support.

Bournemouth Arts by the Sea Festival 2014

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The Bournemouth Arts by the Festival 2013 was a huge success, and even won the ‘Best Evening Experience Award’ at the Tourism Awards 2013. 2014 sees the return of the festival for its fourth year, 26th September- 12th October

Arts Bournemouth in the running for ‘Best Evening Experience Award’

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As part of the Bournemouth Tourism Awards 2013.

The team at Arts Bournemouth have been invited to the Bournemouth Tourism Awards 2013. This event, to be held next Thursday sees the Bournemouth Arts by the Sea Festival in the running for ‘Best Evening Experience 2013’. We all have our fingers crossed! We would like to say a big Thank you to everybody that has been involved this year. From our Volunteers, Associate Artists and Business Ambassadors to all the audiences from the events. We hope you enjoyed this year and are looking forward to the next one.

Another successful Bournemouth Art by the Sea Festival

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Arts Bournemouth runs throughout the year showcasing spectacular art events throughout Bournemouth. Keep an eye on this website for what’s happening with Arts Bournemouth.

Vintage Mobile Cinema

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The sole surviving, The Vintage Mobile Cinema is a unique slice of cinema and automotive history, which combines to give the audience an exciting film viewing experience unavailable anywhere else.

Custom built for the British government in the late 1960s, it is now restored and coming to Bournemouth Arts by the Sea Festival.

“Reminding us what a real cinema looks like!” – Mark Kermode